Univ. of Arkansas reacts to individual photographed at nationalist rally

Univ. of Arkansas Responds to Individual Photographed at Nationalist Rally. (Courtesy: @JoeSteinmetz)

University of Arkansas Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz responded via Twitter after a man was photographed wearing an "Arkansas Engineering" shirt at right-wing rally in Virginia.

He writes, "Diversity & inclusion are @Uarkansas values. Not this. We value free speech but condemn hatred, violence & white supremacy. #Charlottesville"

"Fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion is a top priority at the University of Arkansas and this image is not a reflection of our university’s values,” a statement from Steve Voorhies, with the university's media relations department.

The photo was originally posted inside an article tweeted from the Wall Street Journal.

University officials have not released information regarding the identity of the individual in the photograph but we have confirmed that he does not work in the engineering department.

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