Voters pass casino issue

(MGN Photo)

Voters decided to pass an amendment to bring more casinos to the state, according to Talk Business & Politics' Roby Brock.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, unofficial numbers show that 54 percent, 465,949 Arkansans, voted for casino gaming and 46 percent, 395,493 Arkansans, voted against it.

According to a poll before the election, casino gaming in Arkansas had 49 percent of Arkansans in favor of more casinos in the state.

Casino gaming, also known as Issue 4 on the ballot, focused on creating two new casinos for Jefferson and Pope Counties and expanding gaming operations at Oaklawn and Southland.

Pope County already had a county ordinance on the ballot asking residents if they want to welcome a casino if Issue 4 passed. Based on that outcome, their county judge will have to go with what the people want.

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