Warming shelter in Conway stays open while Little Rock shelters close

Warming shelter in Conway stays open while Little Rock shelters close

Anthony Stufflebean is thankful for a place like this.

"it's a necessity, it is an absolute need based thing," Stufflebean said.

He and roughly eight others are warm for the night, thanks to the warming station in Conway.

It's put together by the Conway Ministry Center, which offers forty beds to people who would otherwise have to spend time outside, in the below freezing temperatures.

"This is like an answer to prayer for me because I know how many people are walking around that, in the next few days, they're going to make their way here because they're literally in life threatening conditions," Spring Hunter, executive director for the Conway Ministry Center, said.

"It could just very well mean death for some," Stufflebean said.

As Conway’s warming station stays open this weekend, little rock's warming centers will be closed throughout the weekend, after only having five people use their facilities since it opened for the season on December 27th.

But hunter says the homeless community takes time trusting places that open, so patience in needed.

"I’m not discouraged to only have five or six people our first few nights and then to work your way into ten and then to work your way into eighteen and then work your way into thirty and forty," Hunter said. "It's huge for Conway."

And huge for Stufflebean.

"We need it,” he said, “we need more of the kind of resources a lot of people in this town really want to provide."

Conway's Winter Warming Shelter will open every night at seven, where check in begins at around six, and runs until seven in the morning.

The shelter will close on February 28th.

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