Watermelon Festival lends locals a taste of summer

Arkansas watermelons took center stage at the Bernice Garden Farmers' Market. (KATV Photo)

Folks got a real taste of summer this weekend at the Bernice Gardens.

Arkansas watermelons took center stage at the Farmers' Market.

In addition to tasting the juicy fruit, locals at the Watermelon Festival took part in cooking demonstrations, a watermelon eating contest and a seed spitting contest.

One man who participated was shocked he won the eating contest.

"I never thought I'm going to win, because I was already stuffed," said Neema Bajwa, the contest winner. "I ate like seven and the next one was four, so I won! And I got a big watermelon I am going to eat for dinner tonight, so it's a wonderful day."

Arkansas is known for producing some of the sweetest and biggest watermelons in the country.

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