Witnesses recall 'intentional' hit and run in Little Rock that left man on life support

Justin Duft, 19, remains on life support at Baptist Health, after being run over by an SUV. Little Rock police are still looking for the driver, Nathan Schneider. (Photo courtesy: Jason Duft)

The family of a hit and run victim in Little Rock is seeking justice since the driver is evading police.

"My son's on life support, you know?” said Jason Duft. “[He’s] showing little signs of improvement, but we got a long way to go."

Duft’s son, Justin Duft, is still clinging to life after being run over by an SUV Tuesday night.

"I got a call about three o'clock in the morning that my son had been run over,” said Jason Duft. “So, I came straight to the emergency room."

As of Thursday night, Justin Duft remains on life support at Baptist Health.

According to police, the hit and run happened in the 13000 block of Chenal Parkway.

Witnesses say in the parking lot of Chenal Park West plaza, Justin Duft and Nathan Schneider got into a fight.

Bradley Johnson, one of the several witnesses, said Duft was first punched by Schneider's girlfriend, then Duft walked up to Schneider's SUV.

"But then I see them boxing through the window,” said Johnson. “And then all of a sudden, Nathan slams his car in reverse and runs over Justin's foot or leg."

Johnson says that's when Duft fell to the ground. But things didn’t stop there.

"Nathan slammed his car in drive and just ran right over him and ran off," said Johnson.

In surveillance video Duft's sister obtained from a business, the video shoes a Hyundai Santa Fe drive over Duft and take off.

"I was screaming for help,” said Abbie Peters, another witness. “I didn't know what to do really. I was freaking out. I didn't know if he was breathing or what was going on."

Duft's father now furious things escalated.

“If you gone fight, y'all fight with fists,” said Jason Duft. “Don't run over my son and put him on life support in the hospital, you know? That's crap."

Police say Schneider should be considered dangerous. If you see him, call police.

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