Woman accused of passing forged checks across Hot Springs area

Authorities say April Mitchell, 39, is wanted on 12 felony warrants for second-degree forgery.(Photo courtesy: Hot Springs Police Dept.)

Hot Springs police said Wednesday night that a woman accused of passing fake and forged checks across the city and surrounding areas had been arrested.

Authorities said April Mitchell, 39, had been wanted on 12 felony warrants for second-degree forgery. Police said she was arrested in Ashley County after authorities received an anonymous tip following a KATV report.

Authorities located Mithcell hiding in a close and said she had books on how to make checks, copiers, blank checks and more in her possession.

According to the warrants, Mitchell forged the checks at several stores including 19th Hole Wine and Spirits, Cash Saver, McClard's BBQ, The Tool Source and the Shell station in Royal. The checks totaled more than $1,000.

The department first posted about Mitchell on its Facebook page on June 5, when she was wanted on 11 felony counts, and responded to an "April Loraine Mitchell" in the comments of that page.

According to the comment, the poster claims, "I've had to do what I could to take care of my family my husband is 45 days of the 90 days they gave him to live. I hate that I've had to do this to survive but what's done is done. I'll go back to prison and I'll eventually pay everything back. So I ask for prayers that I do not get arrested before my husband passes. I am deeply sorry for the trouble that I have caused for everyone."

The police department replied, "Mrs. Mitchell you continue to pass forged checks, you now have 12 felony warrants for your arrest. We suggest you turn yourself in now."

Hot Springs police tell KATV they learned she was also wanted for passing hot checks in Ashley and Clarke counties and now has holds on her from both counties.

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