Arkansas club stayed open despite complaints before shooting

Arkansas club stayed open despite complaints before shooting. (Courtesy: KATV)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - An Arkansas nightclub were 28 people were wounded in a shooting during a rap concert remained open despite dozens of civil and criminal complaints that the city of Little Rock could have used to sanction or close the business.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports the complaints include two previous shootings outside the club, Power Ultra Lounge. The club also held a restaurant mixed drink permit, despite promoting itself as a concert venue.

City Manager Bruce Moore said he should've known about the previous incidents, but officials never made the connection. Moore said he'll appoint a police liaison to a criminal abatement committee to help improve communication.

No charges have been filed in the July 1 shooting during the concert by rapper Ricky Hampton. Hampton and his body guard have been arrested on unrelated weapons charges.

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