Court documents reveal new details in Power Ultra Lounge shooting

According to an affidavit, the Power Ultra Lounge shooting started after members of rival gangs began yelling gang slurs at one another. (KATV Photo)

Newly filed court documents reveal more information about the Power Ultra Lounge shooting that occurred last July.

The venue was packed for Finese2Tymes, but according to new information released in court documents, many in the crowd at Power Ultra Lounge, didn't come empty handed. Despite the presence of off-duty officers providing security earlier that night, many allegedly walked into the club carrying guns, inlcuding 19-year-old Tyler Clay Jackson.

In the affidavit, Jackson allegedly told police a man identified as 'Frog" gave him the 10 mm pistol because "they may see some people in the club they do not like."

Several witnesses, many who were shot in the violence, say they heard men yelling "Blood" and "Crip" slurs and throwing gang signs. One witness stated she also heard someone yell about the Monroe Street Hustlers gang affiliation just before the shots started.

Before the shooting, one witness reported "he heard people in the VIP section yelling rival gang affiliations and 'throwing signs' toward one another."

Another witness said "he was standing in the VIP section when gunshots erupted from all around him and he was shot in the leg."

According to the affidavit, Jackson told police he was in the VIP section with Frog and two men identified 'Boo-man' and Jay. They were the ones arguing with two other men identified as 'Chi' and 'Mook.'

Jackson told police Mook lifted his shirt and showed a gun. That's when Jackson allegedly pulled out that 10 mm and fired 10 times.

Police interviewed and arrested Tyler Jackson for aggravated assault back in October. They believe he was the first shooter that night.

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