Little Rock Police in Birmingham questioning Finese 2Tymes

Little Rock Police in Birmingham questioning Finese 2Tymes

Little Rock Police are using the July 4th holiday to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to question Ricky Hampton, better known as better known as Finese 2Tymes - the Memphis-based rapper who played at Power Ultra Lounge the night a mass shooting that left 28 people injured.

Hampton was scheduled to perform in Birmingham on Saturday night, just hours after the shooting in Arkansas.

According to police, Hampton never got on stage. Instead, he was taken into custody around 1 a.m. on Sunday by U.S. Marshals for federal felony gun charges stemming from an incident in Forrest City.

According to Little Rock police, Hampton will be extradited to Arkansas from Alabama later this week, but before that happens, they decided to question Hampton in Alabama.

“We did send detectives to Birmingham to interview Ricky Hampton. We did go see what we could find out. We just ask the public to be patient,” said Lt. Steve McClanahan with the Little Rock Police Department.

While police could confirm they questioned Hampton, they could not release the details of their conversation.

In the meantime, police confirm there were multiple shooters Saturday and they are also questioning the security procedures of the club that night

“We know we have multiple shooters. We know we have upward to 60 rounds fired or 50. With that being the case and with no weapons being recovered at the scene, we are still trying to determine who fired the shots, but we do know someone fired shots from inside the crowd,” said Lt. McClanahan

According to the police department, they are also reviewing their response time the night of the incident. Lt. McClanahan tells KATV, 36 responding officers got to Power Ultra Lounge in three minutes.

In the past, since April 2016, LRPD officers have been called out a total of 33 times to the nightclub - calls including aggravated assault, battery, shots fired and theft of property.

On Monday, city officials plan to shut down the nightclub under a “criminal abatement” program. State officials have also suspended the club's liquor license and the landlord of the club posted an eviction notice on the door Saturday.

As of Tuesday, 5 out of 28 of Saturday’s victims are out of the hospital. One victim is still listed as being in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Police say this case will take some time to solve and they ask the public to be patient. However, if you were in Power Ultra Lounge the night of the shooting or have video from inside the club that evening, police ask that you call them immediately.

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