Agencies pushed to limit in chaos of Little Rock club shooting, police records reveal

Power Ultra Lounge (Photo: KATV)

Two-and-a-half weeks after Stephen Paddock sprayed gunfire from his Las Vegas hotel room and killed 58 people, Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner stood before a group of lawmen at an international police conference with a simple message: prepare yourself.

It was a lesson Buckner learned in July after a shooting at Power Ultra Lounge left 28 people injured and pushed the city's police department and emergency response agencies to their limits. At the law enforcement conference, which was closed to the public, he discussed in a multimedia presentation the chaos of the shooting. He also shared what went right and what went wrong when authorities responded.

Since then, shootings at a church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., and a high school in Parkland, Fla., have left dozens more dead and intensified a long-running national conversation on how to stop, or at least mitigate, the bloodshed.

Buckner's presentation, which touched on those subjects, was obtained by KATV. The department released it under protest, claiming it was meant to be seen only by law enforcement officials and contained sensitive information from an open investigation. Police said they destroyed other copies of the presentation after they gave it to KATV.

The presentation, along with other police documents, provides the most complete account yet of the shooting at Power Ultra Lounge. It also shows through photos, videos and audio recordings the complex challenges authorities face in responding to mass shootings -- and how they're preparing for them.

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