Police unaware of Ricky Hampton's outstanding warrants before mass shooting

Rapper Ricky Hampton was arrested Sunday morning on outstanding warrants out of Forrest City. ( Jefferson County Sheriff's Office)

The list of outstanding warrants in any state can be lengthy.

In the wake of Ricky Hampton's arrest in Birmingham, many are asking could this tragedy have been prevented if he had been in custody before the bullets started to fly.

"I wish it could have. And if it could have been prevented, we would have done so," said Lt. Steven McClanahan, the public information officer with the Little Rock Police Department.

Little Rock police officers were on hand, off-duty as security the night of the mass shooting at Power Ultra Lounge in Little Rock.

"They left at 2. They did leave before the shooting."

Lieutenant Steven McClanahan says the club also provided its own bouncers.

"Obviously it was ineffective, so we're looking at the club owner, so we're trying to also figure that out as well. When it's all said and done, there could be criminal charges brought against him."

But what about the charges Hampton was facing?

"We didn't know about the warrants and that question has been asked a lot."

So why not?

"Say we stopped him for a traffic stop and ran him that way, we would know. But we don't work with everyone in Arkansas about who's coming to Little Rock and who might have outstanding warrants."

Preventative policing can only do so much.

"If you have young people, and you're their parents, and they're going to a concert, ask questions. 'Well, who's in concert?' You saw the flyer. The guy had a rifle."

Now, that same man pictured with a rifle in his advertisement is in handcuffs.

Hampton was arrested early Sunday morning on federal gun charges stemming out of Forrest City.

Little Rock police say Hampton is also a person of interest in the Little Rock mass shooting.

Of the 28 injured in the shooting at Power Ultra Lounge, 5 remain in the hospital.

Police say they are still searching for multiple suspects.

If you know anything about the shooting, you are urged to come forward. Authorities say they need the public's help to find what they believe are multiple shooters.

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