Worker at Power Ultra Lounge says club was about positivity

Worker from Power Ultra Lounge describes club as a place of positivity, opportunity. (Photo: KATV)

Monday afternoon, workers and volunteers at Power Ultra Lounge were moving items out of the club following the mass shooting that injured 28 people.

The club, in the heart of downtown Little Rock, is now closed with around 20 workers out of a job.

"I hate it for everybody,” said a Power Ultra Lounge worker, who didn’t want to be identified. “I mean, I'm hurt by it."

While hurt by the aftermath and repercussions of the shooting, he did want to stress the shooting had nothing to do with the club.

"That's kind of really why everybody is so hurt right now, because it had nothing to do with Power [Ultra Lounge],” the man said. “It's just the people that decided to bring the outside inside."

During the concert of rapper Finese 2Tymes, the worker says the club didn't intend for this to happen.

He went on to tell Channel 7 how disappointed he was, since the club was meant to be a place where people would spend nights dancing to beats, not dodging bullets.

"It took so much hard work and dedication to, in time, to get Power [Ultra Lounge] up to where it was comfortable for everyone to come and relax and have fun and get away from all their troubles that were out here," he said.

He says the owner wanted to give young people a shot in the entertainment industry.

"We got a lot of young people who promote for us, you know, and just try to live out their dreams through just-- like partying and just having fun and just somewhere where everybody can come and experience a party and not have all the drama," he said.

He said the staff offers prayers for all involved in the shooting.

When asked if the club will reopen at another location, the worker said they may regroup, but they’re not sure.

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