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12 Soros-backed prosecutors left office in the past year, nonprofit says

George Soros (WBFF)
George Soros (WBFF)
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Amid a renewed focus on district attorneys races, stemming in part from reports that liberal billionaire George Soros has been injecting millions into local elections, 12 DA's affiliated with the controversial billionaire philanthropist were removed from or left their posts within the last year, according to an update to a report from The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF).

Roughly a year ago, LELDF, a nonprofit dedicated to defending law enforcement, released a report about the nation's district attorney landscape and found the U.S. had 75 Soros-backed "social justice" prosecutors overseeing half of America’s 50 most populous cities.

According to LELDF, that amounted to roughly 1 in 5 Americans being represented by a prosecutor who either received direct financial contributions from Soros or indirect contributions through his network of philanthropic organizations.

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Since then, 12 of those Soros-affiliated prosecutors have departed, resigned, been defeated or removed, LELDF indicated. This includes Baltimore's Marilyn Mosby, San Francisco's Chesa Boudin and Tampa's Andrew Warren.

LELDF also updated its total number of Soros-affiliated prosecutors from 75 to 70 since last year.

Other Soros-backed DA's like Los Angeles's George Gascon and Philadelphia's Larry Krasner have faced immense pressure and possible impeachments over the last year, but still remain in office.

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Critics of these Soros-backed "social justice" prosecutors argue there is a link between spiking crime rates and the policies they have enacted.

"George Soros has gotten involved on a very local level, doing very specific things with a lot of money," the Capital Research Center's Parker Thayer told TND. "[Soros] knows what he wants done, and he'll do almost anything to get that done."

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