CDC: 436 ill from parasite linked to McDonald’s salads in 15 states

    This April 24, 2017, photo shows a McDonalds signs at a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh. McDonald’s will soon banish cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its Happy Meal menu in an effort to get kids to eat less calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar at its restaurants. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

    The Center for Disease Control is reporting that 436 people became ill from a parasite linked to McDonald’s salads with cases reported in 15 states including Virginia.

    According to the CDC, the Cyclospora infection was reported in people who ate salads from McDonald’s restaurants. Cases of the illness were reported in Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

    The CDC states in the Virginia, Connecticut, and Tennessee cases, individuals bought salads from a McDonald’s restaurant while traveling to Illinois.

    The person in the Florida case purchased a salad from McDonald’s while heading to Kentucky.

    People who became ill from the parasite were between the ages of 14 and 91. There were no reports of deaths, but at least 20 have been hospitalized.

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