Police issue statement on viral Waffle House arrest video

(image: WPMI) Police issue statement on viral Waffle House arrest video

The community is demanding answers about the viral video that shows a woman being forced to the ground at the Saraland Waffle House, and how the situation started.

The Saraland Police Department held a press conference Monday to address the questions surrounding the altercation and arrest.

Police showed surveillance footage from inside the store and explained the narrative. The two subjects were asked to leave the restaurant by employees for having alcoholic beverages with them in the store, which is against Waffle House policy.

This led to the subject using foul language towards the employees, leading them to call police. Police say six employees and one customer witnessed the events that led to and were included in the viral Waffle House arrest video, and that all corroborate this version of events.

No action is being taken against the arresting officers.

Waffle House released a statement about the incident on Twitter:

Music artist Chance The Rapper posted on social media about the arrest as well:

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