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Florida woman reportedly poured Mountain Dew on herself to remove DNA

Booking photo for{ }Nichole Maks (Volusia County Jail))
Booking photo for Nichole Maks (Volusia County Jail))
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A Florida woman connected to her roommate's murder allegedly poured Mountain Dew on herself to remove DNA evidence.

Nichole Maks is facing charges of first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest with violence.

On July 1, Daytona Beach police were flagged down by a concerned individual over a fire at home in the 600 block of Clark Street.

Fire crews were requested to the scene.

Inside the home, a male's body was found on the second floor, according to the arrest report.

The male, Michael Cerasoli, had injuries to the back of his head and stab wounds to his chest.

Cerasoli was pronounced dead at the scene.

During a search of the home, police investigators found a bloodied knife close Cerasoli's body.

Police also found blood in a separate bedroom where Maks stayed.

Investigators noted in their report that two cellphones were found in Cerasoli's room; one belonged to Cerasoli and the other belonged to Maks.

Maks and Ceraoli lived together at the home, according to the police report.

Maks was not at the home when first responders arrived to the scene.

Authorities believed Maks was a possible person of interest in the investigation. They issued an agency-wide bulletin for Maks' whereabouts.

Hours later, Maks was found at an intersection near a restaurant by a police officer.

Maks was was armed with a knife and hammer. Police stated Maks dropped the knife and hammer. They also noted that Maks was not wearing shoes. Police spotted blood on Maks' leg and saw she was bleeding from her toe. A portion of Maks' shirt also appeared to be cut or torn. Police documented that the portion of the shirt had blood.

Maks changed her story when questioned about where she lived. The detective noted in the police report, that Maks stated she had been homeless four about four years.

She reportedly told the detective she was hospitalized earlier in the day after she had a panic attack at gym where she was running on a treadmill.

Maks denied seeing Cerasoli the day of the murder, but then changed her story saying she did Cerasoli that day.

Eventually, Maks refused answering further questions and asked for an attorney.

Police told Maks they were going to collect a DNA sample from her.

According to the police report, Maks requested a soda.

Police handed her a diet Mountain Dew.

Police noticed Maks was taking her time with the drink so they tried grabbing it from her.

Maks refused handing it over and resisted.

She reportedly poured the drink all over her body.

DNA testing results showed Maks' blood and Cerasoli's blood matched the blood on the knife found next to Cerasoli's body.

The 35-year-old was booked weeks later into the Volusia County jail.

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