Investigators release disturbing video to find drivers who ran over crash victim's body

Jason Clark was killed after he was involved in a crash while riding his scooter and then a 2nd driver ran over his body (Courtesy: Family members)

The mother of a man run over in Franklin Township said she wants the driver who killed her son to come forward.

Jason Clark, 40, was riding his scooter down Harrisburg Pike last week when deputies claim he was cut off by the driver of a pick-up truck. While that exact crash was not caught on surveillance video of a pizza shop on that stretch of roadway, the aftermath was.

Franklin County Sheriff's deputies released the video Thursday which shows Clark's scooter slide down the highway. Clark had already fallen off. Moments later, an undetermined make and model SUV ran over Clark's body and dragged it several feet. The driver slowed down but never fully stopped and then left the scene.

Bystanders are seen calling 911 and trying to perform CPR on Clark when a second SUV is seen driving down the road and driving over Clark.

"My husband had to pull the man next-door out of the way and the woman out of the way. They almost got hit," Mellissa Vallette told ABC 6/FOX 28 regarding the second SUV. Vallette's husband was trying to block traffic before medics arrived. "He sat out there from 6 o’clock to 11:30 at night with just a tarp wrapped over him. I felt bad for his family."

Investigators are asking for tips that will lead them to the two drivers seen on the video and their identities.

Clark's funeral will be held in Marion Friday. His mother told ABC 6/FOX 28 that he had a wonderful spirit and two cats that he loved. She also said he loved his scooter.

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