National Park Service buys MLK Jr's birth home

    <p>Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo: Gary Tarleton, NPS, HFC){/p}

    ATLANTA (AP) — The National Park Service has bought the home in Atlanta, Georgia, where Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929.

    Citing a National Park Foundation release, news outlets report the civil rights leader's family has owned the home on Auburn Avenue for more than a century and closed the sale last month for an undisclosed amount. Congress declared the home a National Historic Site in 1980, and the National Park Service began offering tours of it in 1982.

    Birth Home of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service)

    The home was built in 1895 for a white family and bought by King's maternal grandfather in 1909 for $3,500. King's mother inherited it. King's younger brother, A.D. King, and his family were the last of the King line to live there.

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