Utah father claimed he killed his son because he “had 666” on him, jail documents reveal

Ogden Infant Death Scene

**WARNING** This story contains graphic details from court documents about the death of an infant. Reader discretion is advised.

(KUTV) – Disturbing details have emerged in the death of a 1-year-old boy in Ogden on Friday.

A jail document released Sunday morning suggests the suspect Alex Hidalgo, 37, told the child’s mother that the infant was possessed and he had “built an altar” after killing his son, Alex Hidalgo Jr.

According to a probable cause statement, Hidalgo was watching two children Friday afternoon when he stabbed 1-year-old Hidalgo Jr. multiple times in the neck and threw the boy in a garbage can.

The child’s mother was running errands and returned to the apartment near 2400 Madison Ave to find Hidalgo sitting on a couch in the front room reading a bible and listening to religious music, the probable cause statement says.

“[Child’s mother] asked about [Hidalgo Jr], [Hidalgo] told her he had built an altar like they had talked about. [Hidalgo] started talking about [Hidalgo Jr.] having 666 on him. [Child’s mother] then asked [Hidalgo] where {Hidalgo Jr.] was. [Hidalgo] told her he was dead. [Child’s mother] believed [Hidalgo] was joking with her. Then [Child’s mother] started looking for [Hidalgo Jr.] and couldn’t find him,” a detective wrote in the probable cause statement.

At that point, detectives say Hidalgo asked the woman to not call anyone, fearing he would “go to prison.”

The mother continued to search the apartment and found the Hidalgo Jr. inside a garbage can in a closet. A neighbor performed CPR as the mother called 911. Hidalgo allegedly fled out the front door of the apartment.

Hidalgo Jr. was raced to McKay Dee Hospital and was pronounced deceased.

Immediately, police began searching for Hidalgo. The probable cause statement reveals detectives found blood soaked towels and carpet in the apartment.

Crime Scene Investigators found a paring knife in the kitchen sink that was “wet as if it had just been washed,” the PC statement says.

An autopsy revealed Hidalgo Jr. was stabbed three times in the neck with the wounds reaching his spine.

The manhunt for Hidalgo continued until Saturday evening when Ogden Police received a call of an attempted break-in at 2245 Jefferson Ave.

Police found Hidalgo nearby and he ran from officers. When he was arrested, police say Hidalgo’s clothes, hands, and arms still had blood on them.

Police booked Hidalgo into jail early Sunday morning for several charges, including aggravated murder, obstruction of justice, and abuse or desecration of a dead human body.

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