'This doesn't make sense': Family alarmed after dad vanishes

James Rennells is seen with his little daughter in a family photo. (KATU News)

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Family members searched Leverich Park on Christmas Day for James Rennells, a Vancouver father who hasn't been seen since Dec. 22.

His car was found over the weekend at Leverich Park in Vancouver, trashed with items that don't belong to him.

Now, his family is searching for answers.

"It could be that one detail that we are missing that can bring him home or at least find out what happened to him," said Kashala Wilkinson, Rennells' fiance.

The two have a 7-month-old baby girl. Wilkinson said he adores their daughter and would not leave the family unexpectedly.

"Something's not right here. He would not just leave. We have a 7-month-old baby that has heart issues," she said.

Rennells was last seen Friday, Dec. 22 when he left his boss's house around 8:30 p.m. About an hour later, Wilkinson said, he spoke with her on the phone and said he'd be on his way home. And she never heard from him again.

"Nothing was wrong. We didn't fight, we didn't argue. There was no reason for him to take off," she said.

Calls that night, she said, went straight to voicemail.

Later, she said, his pants and belt were found next to a cut fence. She said it looked suspicious.

"Everyone says the same thing. This doesn't make sense," she said.

Vancouver police said he was wearing a grey zip-up jacket, black Under Armour shirt with a collar, blue jeans, tan belt, and brown Red Wing boots the last time he was seen.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Vancouver Police.

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