Woman's life savings stolen from safe

While Angela's mom was at work on Friday, someone got into her home and stole her entire life savings out of her safe (WGME)

WINDSOR, Maine (WGME) - Inside a home on Melaney Road in Windsor lives an older woman who's been through the wringer.

"In under a year she lost her husband, she lost her dog that was 15 years-old, she's had severe medical problems, and she just found out she has COPD," said Angela Cheetham, the woman's daughter.

To make things worse, while Angela's mom was at work on Friday, someone got into her home and stole her entire life savings out of her safe.

That's when she realized $90,000 to $100,000 in cash was gone and about $7,000 worth of gold coins and bars.

That money was for her retirement.

Cheetham says before her mom's husband, who's a Navy veteran, passed away from an illness, he made sure she'd be financially comfortable as she grew older.

She says her mom has been working twelve hour days to help save up. She was planning on retiring from her job in the spring, but says now that won't be possible.

"To know that your mother is going to struggle for the rest of her life, and that I cant do anything to help her other than to try to get the word out for her, it's just difficult," said Cheetham

Cheetham says over the last few weeks her mother noticed a few things had occasionally been out of place.

When she came home that Friday, her door was wide open. When she checked her safe, the cash and gold coins were gone.

The thief or thieves, left her personal checks and receipts for the gold.

Other valuable items from around the house were left alone which is puzzling to Cheetham.

"When you have a safe inside of your house that's half the size of your refrigerator and is bolted to the floor you think you have security."

Cheetham says very few people knew about her mothers safe and nobody knew the combination.

She believes the person who's responsible may have been watching her house or personally knows her.

"Have a conscious please just leave it in the garage she'll stop pursuing for you to go to jail she just wants her life back everything she worked for her security she just wants it back," she said with tears in her eyes.

State police are asking people to be on the look out for anyone trying to sell gold coins or bars.

They also ask the public to be mindful if anyone has recently come into a large lump sum of money.

"They almost seem to be taking it more seriously as if it was their own mother," said Cheetham, talking about state police.

If you have any information regarding the investigation give them a call.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help.

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