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Colorado City Police Department joins law enforcement lip sync challenge

(Colorado City Police Department)

The Colorado City Police Department has joined the law enforcement lip sync challenge.

Lieutenant Kelsey Rivera, Officer Dan Brown, and Officer Derek Gunstanson hopped into a patrol car and sang “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

Rivera said “we just picked it out of the blue. It’s a feel good song, with a good vibe, and It's hard to not want to sing along.”

She said the performance was inspired by the Bexar County Sheriff's Office which seems to have started the new trend when it posted a clip on June 21 of Deputy Mena lip syncing to “Fuiste Mala” (You Were Bad) by A.B. Quintanilla and Los Kumbia Kings.

The video has been watched more than 1.3 million times and shared more than 21,000 times as of June 30.

Since then, countless police departments have joined in.

Rivera said “we would love to challenge Snyder PD, Sweetwater PD (and) Big Spring PD.”

If you liked this one, we have some good news.

Rivera said Colorado City PD may have a second video at some point.

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