Family 411: Blending hobbies and working

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They are done raising their children, but not ready to retire.

Dean Fagan says rescuing donkeys has become a passion for him and his wife, Dawn.

Mister Donker Donks was their first rescue. Now, the Fagans have seven mini-donkeys, including four babies.

"We rescued her and the rest of the herd. She is a good mama," Dawn said.

The Fagans have 67 acres on the farm. The donkeys each have a personality and they are intelligent and affectionate.

"They are like dogs. They follow you around. Donkers comes in the house," Dawn said.

Dean and Dawn are recruiters for advertising executives on both coasts, so they need a flexible schedule.

"We do set up interviews where we are talking on the phone and talking to clients about job searches we are working on," Dean explained.

The Fagans work hard and play hard and do both with a sense of humor.

"It's fun. We enjoy it. We enjoy being around them and listening to them, seeing them run and play," Dean said.

The pets are naturally calm and a steady presence gives them a feeling of comfort. The Fagans say even their friends find a connection with the donkeys.

The couple says this may not be for all empty-nesters, but it might get people thinking about their next adventure- the next chapter of their lives.

"Just do what makes you happy," Dawn said. " I mean, you only have so long, so make every day count."

Many couples are figuring out working and playing together.

According to the Census Bureau, the number of teleworkers, full-time employees who work from home, more than doubled in the past decade to at least 3.7 million.

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