2018 candidate filing period kicks off at the State Capitol

2018 candidate filing period kicks off at the State Capitol

There were many politicians in the rotunda of the state capitol hoping for one thing, to hold public office, here, in the Natural State.

"Let the filing begin," Secretary of State Mark Martin said as he kicked off the beginning of the 2018 Candidate Filing Period.

"It's kind of like play ball really," Chris Powell, assistant director of communications and education division with Secretary Martin’s office, said.

The candidate filing period for public office races in Arkansas is underway.

"The right to vote is important and we want to encourage people as much as possible to exercise that vote," Powell said.

By learning about the candidates that are filing right here for the 2018 election cycle.

Some experienced, "It's just a great vibe, it's a great feeling of excitement, it's a great feeling of a new beginning," Dennis Milligan, the State Treasurer in Arkansas who was the first to file, said.

"This is my last term, and so it's still exciting to know that the process works," Linda Chesterfield, a state senator with District 30 in Arkansas, said.

To candidates filing for the first time.

"It's very exciting,” Jon Comstock, a senate candidate for District three, said, “in fact, I have a little notebook that I’ve written down the name of every single person that I’ve come in contact with."

Hundreds of hopeful people throwing their respective hats in the ring.

Incumbents like Governor Asa Hutchinson, who is seeking re-election this year amidst a primary field that includes republican candidate Jan Morgan, who's planning on filing Monday.

"Hopefully we can have a high-level campaign that talks about important issues," Gov. Hutchinson said.

He's been filing for public office since the 80's and says he enjoys this event every election year.

"It's a little bit of nostalgia being back here in this incredibly beautiful capitol to file for this second term," said Gov. Hutchinson.

Secretary of State Mark Martin's twitter page has been busy too.

It's been updating with the name and information of every candidate that has filed to run for public office.

The deadline to for candidates to file in order to run is March 1st.

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