Majority of Arkansas Republicans say they will support Donald Trump

Donald Trump headlines the Republican Party of Arkansas's annual Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner back in July 2015. (Photo: KATV)

New polling out from CNN/ORC suggests if the presidential election were today, a race between Hillary Clinton and the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump - Clinton would emerge victorious with 51 percent support compared to Trump's 41 percent. However registered Republicans in Arkansas seem to still support Trump, despite his controversial status.

Trump was the first presidential candidate to visit Arkansas in July 2015, when he headlined the Republican Party of Arkansas's Reagan-Rockefeller Dinner in Hot Springs. He returned to the state for a rally at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock with thousands in attendance.

Donald Trump ended up winning the state's March 1st primary - but not by a majority. Trump received about 33 percent of the Republican vote, while Sen. Ted Cruz secured about 30 percent of the vote, and Sen. Marco Rubio got about 25 percent of the GOP primary votes.

"It's a long time between now and November," said Doyle Webb, chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas.

Webb admits that Trump may not have been everyone's first choice in Arkansas, but he isn't too concerned that Arkansas Republicans will jump ship and support a Hillary Clinton candidacy.

"That's a third term of Obama," said Webb of a Clinton presidency. "I don't believe that people want a third term of President Obama's policies."

It wasn't hard to find someone who agreed with Webb. Of the registered Republican voters questioned in Little Rock's River Market district, nearly four out of five asked said they would vote for Donald Trump.

"My fear of Hillary is a lot greater than my fear of Trump," said Carey Dalton, visiting Little Rock from Paragould.

"I think we're really screwed either way," said Dalton. "I'm just picking the lesser of the two evils."

Several Republicans said they simply could not put a check-mark next to Donald Trump's name on the November ballot.

"I will not vote for Donald Trump in the election," said Colby Gray, visiting Little Rock from Fayetteville.

"I think that foreign policy could suffer," said Gray. "He's a bit harsh on openness as far as what's going on with the rest of the world."

KATV reached out to Arkansas's Washington delegation, all of which are Republicans. Sen. Tom Cotton could not be reached for comment, but has said publicly in the past that he would support a Trump presidency. The same goes for Sen. John Boozman whose spokesperson told KATV, "as Senator Boozman has stated numerous times, he will support the Republican nominee."

A spokesperson for Representative French Hill told KATV that Hill would support whoever the republican nominee is, but wouldn't provide further comment. According to Rep. Steve Womack's spokesperson, "Congressman Womack believe the Republican Party must rally around and support our nominee."

Both Rep. Bruce Westerman and Rep. Rick Crawford could not be reached for comment.

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