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'It's just a mess': California farmers growing concerned over lingering flood waters

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It's been a week since floodwater created a lake on a farm near Corcoran, California.

Farmer Mary Breckenridge says the only thing that has changed in a week is more flooding with higher water levels.

The rain we've had and the snow we've had and the rain on top of the snow has resulted in so much runoff," she said. "The waterways are not capable of containing it."

Breckenridge believes the only way to stop the flooding in her area is to shore up the Tule River and Deer Creek.

"Those two are just blasting along and they spew water into every waterway and canal around her. They in turn break so it's just a mess."

Breckenridge is concerned about her 650 acres of pistachios.

"They've now been underwater off and on for a week and the roots will drown," she said. "Fortunately, they're not like almonds, they're still dormant."

She even got her car stuck driving off her property. A rescue tractor also got stuck on its way to recover her already stuck car.

If she has to leave, there's only one way out.

"Absolutely surrounded by water," she said. "The only way I can get out right now since the tractor is stuck is to walk. But I could do that."

For now, her dogs and chickens are on dry ground. Floodwater has reached her home's foundation but so far it hasn't streamed inside.

Last Sunday in the middle of the night, Cal Fire rescued her three horses and four mules. They are now grazing at a neighbor's pasture nearby.

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