5 Banking Services That are a Total Lifesaver

Below are a few services you should check for if you’re browsing banks, and they’re all services that FAB&T offers.

Many of us don’t give much thought to the specifics of available banking services until we’re in a pinch. For instance, when the restaurant you just lunched at only accepts cash, but you need to check your balance before you make a withdraw at an ATM. Or if you never paid your electric bill which is due tomorrow, and you don’t have time to send off a check by mail.

It’s during moments like these when certain services save the day. Or, if they aren’t an option, their absence takes a situation from iffy to stressful. Below are a few services you should check for if you’re browsing banks, and they’re all services that FAB&T offers.

Mobile Banking

Some financial websites have interfaces that are designed only to work on desktop computers, with no mobile-optimized option and no app. These can leave you in a pinch if you’re on the go, traveling or in another situation where you don’t have access to a desktop computer.

Look for a bank that has a special mobile website or app so that wherever life takes you, you’ll have access to your funds.

Bill Pay

Sometimes it seems like you’ve just paid a bill when it comes due again! Take the stress out of remembering to pay the electricity, cable, gas and water bills by setting up automatic payments from your bank account.

Mobile Check Deposit

Instead of trying to fit a bank visit into your busy week or trying to track down a branch when you’re away from home, use mobile check deposit to quickly and easily deposit your checks. In addition to being fabulously convenient, mobile deposit services allow you to deposit the money immediately, lessening the risk of misplacing or damaging a paper check.

Instant Balance Checks

Whether you’re at an ATM wondering how much you can withdraw or contemplating the best time to make a pricy purchase, instant information is key. Find a bank with a mobile-friendly way for you to check balances in real time so you’re never left wondering where you stand.

Transfers Between Accounts

Unlimited transfers between your own accounts are a must, but easy transfers to other accounts are a bonus. If you find a bank that offers these services online, it’s easy to give kids allowance, set up different accounts to help with budgeting or send a gift to a loved one far away.

These days, banking takes place on computers and mobile phones in addition to traditional branches. By offering user-friendly online banking options FAB&T delivers the services its customers need most. To learn more, visit fabandt.com/convenience-services.