Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Young Mom Puts Her Trust in UAMS


Carley Neill was 16 weeks pregnant when she felt the lump. The busy mom of an active toddler, Neill knew this was something she could not ignore.

“I went to my OBGYN in Texarkana and was told it was probably hormone related,” she said. The doctor told her to keep an eye on it, and if the breast lump changed shape to let him know.

Four weeks later, shooting pain sent Neill back to the doctor where she was again reassured that her symptoms were probably a normal side effect of pregnancy.

As her baby grew, Neill continued to monitor the lump until, at 24 weeks, she was alarmed when it changed shape from round to oval. This time, the doctor sent her for an ultrasound, which was immediately followed by one mammogram and then another.

“I was on my way home when the doctor called. The mammogram results were suspicious, so they referred me to UAMS,” said Neill, who lives in the south Arkansas town of Magnolia.

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