Benched Marathoner Returns to Pavement thanks to UAMS Surgeon

    Benched Marathoner Returns to Pavement thanks to UAMS Surgeon

    Written by Katrina Dupins - content owned by UAMS

    Ted Holder was in his late 50s when he discovered his love for running. Now 65, he says the sport has become a part of his identity. He’s run five marathons, many half marathons and several 10Ks, 5Ks and other races.

    Holder looks forwards to logging miles and loves the camaraderie of the running community in Little Rock. But last summer he had to stop running because of debilitating leg and back pain.

    “It was the worst pain I’d ever had and it would not go away,” Holder said. “I fell on July 2 and had a hairline fracture in my left arm. I was treated for that. Then by the end of July, my leg was hurting badly. It became clear in August that it was my back that was giving me grief.”

    Holder runs in the Benton 20k in 2017

    An MRI showed Holder had a herniated L4-L5 disc, the most commonly herniated disc, located in the lumbar spine just below the waist. Holder’s sports medicine physician Michael Cassat, M.D. referred him to orthopaedic spine surgeon Samuel Overley, M.D. Overley sees patients in the UAMS Orthopedic Clinic on Colonel Glenn Road.

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