Beyond the Game: A Special Olympics love story

Beyond the Game: Special Olympics Love Story (KATV)

They are not the only Arkansans able to wear medals around their necks, though they may be the only ones also wearing rings.

Derek Smith and Carly Luck-Smith, who just won bronze in bocce at the Special Olympics USA Games, are more than playing partners. They are husband and wife. In fact, they got married this May.

"Perfect," Derek said of his bride that night.

"You're making me blush," Carly said.

The couple met through Special Olympics, and their love continues to grow.

"He's very sweet," Carly said. "Handsome."

"Sexy" is the word Derek used.

"Smart," he wisely added.

Only a month into marriage, they never wavered in wanting to compete as a couple. That determination paid off, in the form of a bronze medal.

"I think what made it awesome is we got it together," Carly said.

Now, Derek and Carly have a lifetime together to look forward to.

"We work together and we have fun together," Carly said.

"We like competition."

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