Beyond the Game: At Special Olympics swim meet, 'A lot of adrenaline going through me'


In between all the swimming, there were plenty of smiles at the Special Olympics Area Five Swim Meet.

Among the 70 competitors, Nathan McClain was perhaps the most accomplished. The gold medalist will compete in the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle this July. He can attest that there is often more to a competition than medals, however.

"It feels great," he said. "A lot of adrenaline going through me."

The Little Rock Trojans hosted the meet, and as a member of the team (a story you can see in this Beyond the Game piece), 9-year-old Edyn Grace served as honorary host. She led the Special Olympics oath during the opening ceremonies, then competed in two races.

"Edyn has been a cheerleader through and through with us this season at every home meet," said Little Rock Swimming and Diving Coach Amy Burgess. "We were beyond excited to get a chance to cheer her on today and watch her skills in the water."

Special Olympics Arkansas supports 14,000 athletes across the state that compete and train year-round in 20 different Olympic sports.

"What these kids do on a daily basis is amazing, and it makes every kind of little thing that we do minuscule in the grand scheme of things," Burgess said.

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