Beyond the Game: Fighter on the mat helps Pulaski County Sheriffs Office fight crime

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Master Danny Dring, described as a renaissance man of sorts in martial arts, now goes "beyond the game."

"I tell people I've got the quintessential Arkansas job," Dring said. "I go to work, I take my shoes off."

Dring opened his current location for Living Defense Martial Arts in Sherwood in 1989. He has competed in just about every form of martial arts, trained with some of the sport's greatest competitors and gained high rank in multiple systems. His martial arts journey has taken him all over the world.

"It has been a passion that has challenged me mentally. It's challenged me physically."

True adversity hit Dring’s career in the form of training injury and age, however. After two hip replacement surgeries, doctors told him he may never train again.

"I really wanted to pick up a new career path," he said. "I just redefined my challenge."

Dring proved his doubters wrong with flying colors. He won international awards and at 56, still trains in top form.

His comeback inspired him to give back to the community, as a defensive tactics instructor for the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

"To be a good defensive tactics instructor, you have to work the streets. I've worked a variety of capacities, from patrols to warrants.

"Becoming involved in the community has always been important to me. I've been blessed with a particular set of skills over my lifetime of training. Being able to share those with the people that protect I think is important."

His experience in never giving up inspired him to author the book “Stay In The Fight,” a martial athlete’s guide to preventing and overcoming injury.

KATV's Josh Irwin produced, shot, wrote and edited the original story. To watch the full-length piece, click here.

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