Beyond the Game: New story updates, Sept. 2018

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In a family of arm wrestlers, Michael Todd emerges as world champion

WATCH: Original July, 2016 Beyond the Game story

Hot Springs' Michael Todd, a professional arm wrestler whose wife and son also compete, won the World Armwrestling League Heavyweight Championship last week.

Double amputee swimmer wins first international medals

WATCH: Original June, 2016 Beyond the Game story

Mayflower's Julia Gaffney, a sensational swimmer despite being born without both legs, recently represented Team USA at the Para Pan Pacific Championship. She won two gold medals, three silvers and a bronze; her first major international wins.

Autistic team manager who helped Sylvan Hills to baseball title now helps football team

WATCH: Original May, 2018 Beyond the Game story

Jonah Bernard, a junior at Sylvan Hills High School, was diagnosed with a form of autism when he was 12. This spring, he was embraced as the manager of the state champion Bears baseball team. This fall, he is the football team's manager. he attends practices and helps however possible.

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