Beyond the Game: On senior night, three deserving players earn first starts

Cutter Morning Star night to remember (KATV photo).JPG

The Cutter Morning Star boys basketball team is having a great season, but nothing tops what happened just before their senior night game.

Jordan Raper has cerebral palsy. TJ Churchwell has a form of special needs. Keaton Polke was born at 24 weeks, weighing just 1.7 lbs. The three seniors attend every practice.

They have played in a few games over the years, but they have never started a game - until this night.

"It's going to be a cool thing. Kind of get choked up about it a little bit," admitted Head Coach Matt Carter.

Upon hearing their names announced, the seniors ran through a line of handshakes, posed and celebrated. Polke and Raper did not hesitate throwing up three pointers. At the first stoppage in play, they returned to the bench. The crowd showered them with cheers.

"Anytime a kid gets the opportunity to shine, it's a big deal to me," Carter said.

"Yeah I'm a coach, and I'm competitive, and I want to win like anybody else. But to put things in perspective, it's not all about that."

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