Beyond the Game: One-handed baseball player dominates despite the odds

Beyond the Game: One-handed high school baseball player dominates despite the odds (KATV)

Jacob Tinsley, a junior at a small Arkansas high school, has one hand. But that doesn't stop him from dominating on the baseball diamond.

"Every time I do something, it's to show people that I can do it," he said. "If they think I can't, I'm going to prove them wrong."

A junior left fielder at Wonderview High School, he has inspired both his team and his opponents this season.

"I've had several coaches tell me they didn't even see that he only has one arm until they were shaking hands with him after the game," said Wonderview Head Coach Philip Golden.

"It's amazing. That's about the only word I can come up with."


Jacob lost his left hand in a lawnmower accident when he was five years old.

"My dad was mowing the yard. I come out and try to get to him, play with him, and I went to jump on him, and I landed in front of the lawnmower. It ran me over.

"I can remember my dad saying, 'lord, please don't take my boy.'"

"It was five years before I could mow without crying," said an emotional Dean Tinsley, Jacob's father. "I still get a spell every once in a while."

Since, Jacob has had a stiff upper lip. He's had to teach himself how to tackle even the most trivial tasks, including hitting and playing catch.

Amazingly, he only committed a couple errors in the outfield this season. He started all but one game. He hit .240.

"Just imagine if he had two hands, how good a player he would be," Golden said. "But would he be the same person?"

"There's always going to be someone that's doubting me," Jacob said.

"I'd love to meet 'em because then I can show 'em that they're wrong."

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