Beyond the Game: Proposal among the indelible moments at Little Rock Marathon

Beyond the Game: Proposal among indelible moments at the Little Rock Marathon (KATV photo)

Everyone celebrates differently at the finish line of a marathon, and everyone has different reasons for doing so.

You see patriots, preservers and patriots. Henri and his dog, Miles, ran the marathon again. They were featured in this 2017 Beyond the Game story.

Perhaps the most surprising moment, however, was Paul Hollidge proposing to Deborah Cubberley. As soon as they crossed the finish line, they kissed. Then, Paul bent to one knee.

"She's been teasing me since we've been together about putting a big rock on her finger," Paul said with a smile. "So I just thought, no better place than in Little Rock to put a big rock on her finger."

"That was a bit of a shock, I have to say," Deborah acknowledged.

The Essex, U.K. natives came all the way to Arkansas' capital city for this special moment -- a long way for Paul to keep a secret.

"And I'm normally rubbish at lying so I've done well to be quiet for the last four days, and get a ring through customs," he said.

The couple met while running. They said running marathons keeps them together, in many ways. Needless to say, they'll remember this one for a long time.

"I'll have to keep marathon running now, won't I?"

"I'll retire now," said Deborah.

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