Beyond the Game: Teamwork takes flight at LRAFB's 'Sports Day'

Beyond the Game - Sports Day at LRAFB

It might as well have been casual Friday at the Little Rock Air Force Base.

A few people took it to the extreme.

It was "Sports Day," an annual event where units compete for bragging rights. Some wore costumes for this year's theme: superheroes.

"Anytime you can break away from your job and just come together with your squadron, squadron mates and team members and just have complete fun and you know, enjoy fitness, everyone will look forward to that," said Ayanna Hodges, LRAFB's fitness program manager. She helped plan the event.

"Just seeing everybody not be so strict, not be so disciplined all the time," LRAFB Fitness Program Manager Jeremy Crider said.

"It's a very different sight. It's a fun day, it really is."

The purpose of Sports Day is twofold: promote fitness and teamwork.

"It's our biggest thing," Crider said. "We can't do anything we have without each other, here or overseas.

"The more camaraderie that we can build here stateside will make us a closerknit family for when we go overseas and we have to look after each other."

That is a subtle reminder, these are the real superheroes.

"The going saying is not all heroes wear capes," he said.

The winner of the event's "Commander's Trophy" was the 19th Civil Engineer Squadron.

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