Beyond the Game: Tim Green uses ALS diagnosis to raise money for research

Tim Green was diagnosed with ALS in 2016 (Courtesy Tackle ALS).JPG

KATV first met Tim Green in September, 2016. At the time, little did anyone outside his family know he had been diagnosed with a slow-progressing form of ALS just weeks earlier.

The former Atlanta Falcons pass-rusher was in the prime of his second career: authoring children's books. He had penned a story about Brett Bell, a student at Central Arkansas Christian School. The eighth grader was diagnosed deaf at birth, though that did not stop him from playing basketball and baseball.

"I just thought, what an inspirational story that could be, if I could have a character like that," Green told KATV in 2016. You can watch the 2016 Beyond the Game story here.

Green can no longer travel to schools around the country promoting his books. He can no longer hide his symptoms.

On November 14th, 2018, a little more than two years after the initial diagnosis, he went public. The disease has taken much of his ability to speak, but he is still a strong writer. In a Facebook post, Green wrote: "I will spend the coming days and years counting the blessings I have instead of pining for the things I don't."

Green used the publicity from the announcement, including a story on CBS' 60 minutes, to raise money for research. He started a social media campaign called "Tackle ALS." The fundraiser, with help from Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and some of football's biggest names, has already raised more than $1.2 million.

Every dollar raised goes directly to "new cutting edge treatments," he said.

His book about CAC portrayed a kid defying the odds. Even if Green does not, he hopes the money raised will eventually help others do so.

To learn how to donate to Tackle ALS, click here.

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