Beyond the Game: Twin teammates Pink and Blu Jones boast colorful personalities

Pink and Blu Jones (KATV photo)

They have opponents seeing double this season.

Pink Jones leads the Henderson State women's basketball team in scoring. Her twin sister, Blu, is a consistent contributor, as well.

"We get made fun of for that quite a bit," Reddies Head Coach Jill Thomas said. "I know on the road last year, especially when they were freshmen, a lot of people referred to them as, which crayon are you?"

"We get that a lot," Pink said.

They said their given names, Jameisha and Janeisha, sound too similar. So they picked new nicknames.

"Pink and blue originally were our favorite colors when we were little," Pink said. "We just wore pink and blue so we would be distinguished, and then it just kind of stuck."

The Fayetteville High School alums were a package deal in college. Watch the story above to learn more about the dynamics between them.

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