Beyond the Game: UAPB lineman turns life around, receives scholarship

UAPB's David Adams (KATV photo)

UAPB's David Adams isn't just set to start at right tackle. He's poised to receive attention from professional teams.

"Very easily, he could get some looks from the NFL," said Golden Lions Head Coach Monte Coleman. "He's got the size."

It's an amazing story, when you consider he was once forbidden from playing football.

The former Pine Bluff High School Zebra missed two full seasons due to academic ineligibility.

"I just stopped being a class clown, started doing my work, paying attention to the teachers, put down my phone in class, stuff like that," he said.

Once he learned the importance of hitting the books before hitting other players, he was welcomed on the team as a walk-on.

"He came out after his third year and he's doing good," Coleman said. "He's one of the leaders."

It wasn't until his fourth year on campus he received a scholarship.

"That felt great, that I had something to pay for my schooling," Adams said.

"I just look at it as a lesson because when I was younger, I didn't care too much about school."

"That's part of the job as a coach," Coleman said. "We're one of the ones that make an impact on him and we're proud of that."

UAPB opens the season September 3 in Nashville.

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