Beyond the Game: UCA wears 'Wilcox' to support Mississippi State player battling cancer

Wilcox jerseys (courtesy UCA Athletics)

The score is all but irrelevant from the UCA softball team's game Wednesday at No. 21 Mississippi State. (The Lady Bulldogs won 7-0, for the record).

The game will be remembered for the Sugar Bears' gesture that truly goes Beyond the Game.

Every UCA player wore "Wilcox" on the back of their jersey. The goal was to show support for Mississippi State freshman Alex Wilcox, who is more than two years into a battle with ovarian cancer. She is on the active roster and has played seven games this season. Meanwhile, every three weeks, she returns home to Alabama for treatment.

Mississippi State wears teal jerseys for midweek games to support Wilcox. UCA did the same. "Central Arkansas" was written in teal.

The Bulldogs' mantra this season? "No one fights alone."

They have the support of more than a few members of the college softball community.

UCA said it plans to auction off the jerseys. Proceeds will go towards Wilcox's medical expenses.

In 2016, the UCA women's soccer team had its own player who overcame cancer. You can watch Kelsey Johnson's inspirational Beyond the Game story here.

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