Arkansas man's NBA analysis receives praise from Houston Rockets coach

Arkansas man 's NBA analysis receives praise from Houston Rockets coach (KATV)

An Arkansas man is smiling ear to ear after receiving praise from the head coach of one of the NBA's best teams.

Chandler Hamilton, a former manager for the Arkansas men's basketball team and current student at Harding University, is fanatical when it comes to the sport. He's so crazed, he penned a thorough analysis of the Houston Rockets. His breakdown went beyond stats. It focused on pace, defensive switches and specific nuances of the game.

His father, Tim, came across it in April.

"I just thought it was really neat what he did," Tim said.

So he sent it to Mike D'Antoni, the Rockets head coach.

"I don't think I had any expectations of hearing back. I just thought it was a fun article and I wanted to share it with him."

Three weeks later, would you believe he heard back? In addition to a personal letter to Chandler, D'Antoni highlighted parts of the article he enjoyed and wrote comments.

"I was speechless for like an hour," Chandler said. "Coach D'Antoni was one of my favorite coaches in the league."

Naturally, Chandler hopes to be a coach one day.

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