Beyond the Game: Little Rock's 10-year-old teammate

Hunter Linam hangs out in Little Rock's dugout.

The Little Rock baseball team began its season winning two of three games. But if you ask any Trojan for the highlight of the weekend, it was Hunter Linam's first pitch.

"I'm really excited to be here and most of all, I love baseball," Hunter said.

He's no ordinary honorary hurler, however. Hunter is a Trojan teammate; the team signed him to a scholarship in November.

"Class of 2024 I think it is! It's the earliest guy I've ever signed," joked head coach Chris Curry.

Hunter's school held a ceremony where classmates watched him sign his letter of intent. They know he's one to root for. He has Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

"It is the most unreal thing you can imagine. And yet, very, very, very real," said Jessica Linam, Hunter's mom. "It's really hard."

As Hunter tries to strike out cancer, he spends time with his team whenever he can.

"He loves baseball," Curry said. "He's a baseball guy, so if all we have to do is let him hang out and be a part of the team to help fulfill one of his dreams, that's easy. We can help with that."

Hunter threw out the first pitch at Saturday's game against Kansas. The team has invited him to practices, banquets and ice cream parties.

"Anytime you get to see him be outside, part of a team, happy and running, it's so exhilarating," said Jessica.

"It's good to have a lot of people on your side," Hunter said.

"Our guys, when their days [are] going bad, look over at Hunter and see him smiling," said Curry.

"When you know someone's going through something that's probably a lot harder than what you're dealing with, and they're smiling about life, then that helps you go, you know what, I'm OK."

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