Gus Malzahn addresses Arkansas rumors following SEC Championship loss

Gus Malzahn SEC Championship postgame (Courtesy SEC)

With rumors swirling about what a loss in the SEC Championship game could mean for Gus Malzahn at Auburn, and whether he would leave the Tigers to coach the Razorbacks, Malzahn faced questions about his future following Saturday's 28-7 loss to Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

"I'm happy here at Auburn. We got great players. I love my players. Like I said before this game, we've worked extremely hard to get here to this point. We've got a very good foundation built. I think the best is yet to come," he said.

A reporter then asked Malzahn if that meant "Arkansas should not bother asking you?"

"I'm the head coach at Auburn. I just said that."

And next year?

"I want to be the head coach at Auburn, yeah."

The reporter pushed for further clarification, asking, "you will be here next year?"

"I want to be," Malzahn said.

Click the video player above to watch the full exchange.

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