Mike Leach: 'Little Rock, Arkansas, that's the loudest place I ever played'


War Memorial Stadium made a big impression on Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach. To this day, he says it is the "loudest place [he] ever played."

Leach's Cougars travel to Oregon Saturday. He said Autzen Stadium is the loudest in the Pac-12, though it has nothing on War Memorial.

“Oklahoma is louder, [Texas] A&M is louder, Texas is on the bubble,” Leach said Monday.

“Nebraska is definitely louder. LSU is louder. I never went to Alabama. We beat Alabama, but it was at Kentucky.

“Depending whether or not you add the cowbells, Mississippi State is comparable. Georgia is louder, Florida is louder. Definitely that one end zone at South Carolina is louder. Tennessee is louder.

“And Little Rock, Arkansas, that’s the loudest place I’ve ever played. Entirely concrete structure. It’s as if you had a football game in the neighbor’s basement and all the kids were yelling louder than hell. And you could tell when you were starting out, you could clap your hands and you'd hear it five times. You know, go, go, go, go. Hit, hit, hit, hit. After you figure there's 45,000, you multiply that times five, that equals approximately 250,000 people. Most stadiums don't hold 250,000 people. So 250,000 people is louder than 100,000 people.

"If something good happened for Arkansas, and one excuse was as good as the next, they'd shoot off that howitzer which would echo. It's probably still echoing from the last time we were there. It would go on forever so yeah, that was loud."

Leach's Kentucky Wildcats played in Little Rock in 1998, a 27-20 win for Clint Stoerner and the Razorbacks. Arkansas rallied with 20 unanswered points to win. The game is well remembered for its raucous atmosphere.

You can watch the full video above.

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