Sully Says : 3.5 Chad Morris will win press conference


On Sunday, Arkansas went all in. They gave Gus Malzahn an offer they thought he couldn't refuse to come back to his home state. A deal worth a reported 7 million dollars a year. They swung and missed !!

Then it was on to plan B.

Chad Morris is to Texas, what Gus is to Arkansas. Both are high school coaching legends.

Arkansas got the Texas guy, and that's OK with me. How can I not like a guy who got to Friday night football games in Texas by helicopter?

Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson, who played for Morris at Clemson, said the new Hog coach is the father figure he never had in his life.

His SMU players gave their coach a standing ovation when he announced he was leaving them for a better opportunity.

The more I learn about him, the more I like him.

I like the fact that he coached Texas high school football for 16 years. So many major college coaches skip that step.

I like that he dreams big. In his first interview as Razorback Head Coach, he talked about his National Championship plan. He's aware that Arkansas is a storied program with a huge, passionate fanbase that wants to win. He talked about the similarities between Clemson seven years ago and Arkansas today.

I like that he's willing to give credit to those who helped him on his journey from high school to the SEC. Guys like Gus Malzahn and Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney. His mantra " a life touches a life, that touches a life ".

I like that he thinks outside the box.

Chad Morris will win the press conference because offense sells, and he has a lot to sell.

This past season, SMU was one of two FBS teams with a quarterback who threw for 3,000 yards, two one thousand receivers and a thousand yard rusher.

In his eight seasons as either a head coach or offensive coordinator, his teams have racked up 46,975 yards of total offense for a 460.5 per game average

In his four years at Clemson, his offense broke just about every offensive record at the school.

Chad Morris' salary at Arkansas will be 3.5 million a year. If reports are accurate, Gus would have been paid 7 million.

Only time will tell how many games Chad Morris will win at Arkansas, but I'm confident 3.5 Chad will win Today's press conference.

You can see the press conference Today at 10 AM on KATV.

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