Sully Says: Missing little Lucy


Life is full of routines.

For me, most workdays start and end the same way. Sometime early in the afternoon, I will put the dogs up and head to work. 10 hours later, I will be welcomed by Fenway and Lucy when I get home. They are the last ones I see when I leave for work, and the first to greet me when I return home.

The greatest thing about these two is that they provide something very special: unconditional love. Regardless of what kind of day I've had, they always go all out to welcome me home.

Fenway is the rock star. Everyone comments on this energetic, people-loving, five-year-old golden doodle. Lucy is the other dog; an older, somewhat disheveled toy poodle. In some ways, Lucy is a lot like me. She's quirky and sometimes awkward socially. I've been known to get 20,000 steps a day. Lucy's obsession is ice cubes. It doesn't matter where she is in the house if she hears the ice maker, she will be there.

Lucy figured out how to get what she wants late in life. If she needed an ice cube or to go outside, she would find me and bark. I believe my wife and daughter enjoyed watching her boss me around. I've always said, "you get what you tolerate." Lucy got her way most of the time.

On Friday, I got home a little late after a not so great 10:00 p.m. sportscast. Fenway was on the top step of the stairs, but there was so sign of Lucy. I found her downstairs in rough shape. When she showed no interest in an ice cube, I knew it was serious.

Unfortunately, Lucy did not make it through the night.

What was a four animal family not so long ago is now down to just Fenway.

My daughter wondered today if the self-consumed doodle misses his crate mate.

I don't know about Fenway, but I can tell you that going to the ice maker has been a little different today and not getting chewed out by that 11-pound-dog feels a bit strange.

I miss Lucy.

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