Sully Says: A visit with Coach Morris

    Sully sits down with Chad Morris for KATV's Spring Football Special (KATV photo)

    Cole Kelley's days of flashing that big first down signal are over.

    There is no time for "watching" in a Chad Morris offense. The new head doach is in the process of reprogramming his sophomore quarterback. The speed of his offense has been a hot topic with Hog fans. The head coach says when his offense is "humming," the referee will be challenged to keep up with the pace.

    The speed of the offense was one of many topics coach covered in our interview, which will air Friday night on our Razorback Spring Football Special, "Life in the Left Lane."

    For the record, coach says he's been using the "Hammer down, left lane" lingo since his high school days in Texas. He admitted to being a little surprised how the talk has gone "Full tilt boogie" since he took the Arkansas job.

    Chad Morris is confident, enthusiastic and honest.

    He says the biggest weakness on this team is speed. Speed everywhere. What does Coach say? "If you don't have speed, you're chasing it." It's something you can't change between now and the start of the season. That can only be addressed through recruiting.

    The new coach has a plan for everything. When asked why he left one of the best high school coaching jobs in the country to take a shot at college ball, coach said he made a decision to try college coaching before he turned 40. Morris was 41 when he took the Tulsa job.

    Chad's son, Chandler, is a hotshot Texas high school quarterback. Friday night, you will hear how the head coach plans to watch every snap Chandler takes this season.

    He's also a name dropper.

    Agim, Greenlaw, Ramsey, Harris, Pulley, Curl, Froholdt, Whaley, Hammonds and Patton are just some of the names he tossed out when talking about players who have impressed him this spring.

    Much more, 18 minutes of Coach Morris, Friday night from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. on KATV.

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