Sully Says: Accepting reality

Bret Bielema following narrow Coastal Carolina win (KATV photo)

For 50 minutes on Saturday, the Razorbacks were unable to impose their will on either side of the ball against a first-year FBS program that is winless in the Sun Belt (ASU's conference).

That speaks volumes.

It could be worse. What if Johnny Gibson doesn't pounce on that loose ball on the game-winning drive? What would the Sunday afternoon quarterbacks say about a tight end getting the carry at such a critical time?

TJ Hammonds' heroics would have taken a backseat to a loss to a team that had a worse resume than that infamous Citadel team that ended Jack Crowe's stay in Fayetteville.

It's becoming more difficult by the week to defend Bret Bielema.

The two most significant "wow" moments this season came on Saturday from TJ Hammonds. This is the same guy who would most likely still be a seldom-used wideout if Chase Hayden wasn't lost for the season.

Hammonds had plays of 22, 60 and 88 yards, but still touched the ball only seven times. What was Bobby Petrino's line? "You have to feed the studs." Hammonds looked like a stud on Saturday.

LSU will likely game plan for only two Hogs, Hammonds and whoever lines up at quarterback. It's an offense that can't run the ball consistently and struggles to complete passes downfield. It's been the screen pass or bust in the passing game.

The Hog defense seems to give up lots of points and yards every week. I have a feeling it has more to do with the X's and O's than the Jimmies and the Joes.

What does this team do well? About all I can think of is the way they have rallied to win the last two games. Cole Kelley deserves credit for the poise he's displayed leading the Hogs to winning scores the past two weeks.

That being said, I've accepted the reality that this isn't a very good football team.

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