Sully Says: Baz called it "Bizarro" world


Former Razorback captain David Bazzel has seen a lot in his many years covering Hog football, but what happened Friday had Baz calling the U of A "bizarro world."

I don't know what bothered Baz more, the way they treated Bret Bielema's firing or the manner in which the interim athletics director, Julie Cromer Peoples, handled her press conference.

I don't think there is a right way or good time to get fired, but I'm not a fan of the way Arkansas handled Bret Bielema's firing. Ambushing him after a gut-wrenching 48-45 loss seems a little harsh.

I agree with the new interim athletics director that Friday had to be the day. It would give the coach a chance to address his team before his players scattered for the weekend.

I think a "kinder" way to do it would have been to inform himThursday night or Friday morning that Friday would be his final game. The new AD (she doesn't act like the interim AD) said she didn't want that weighing on his mind. She hinted that it might have affected the Hogs' performance. I think that reasoning is a reach.

Telling him earlier would have allowed Bielema to prepare for the most significant speech he would make to his Razorbacks, all kids he brought to Arkansas.

The new AD should have taken a cue from Coach Bielema.

I've been both a fan and critic of "Bielema Ball," but I have always been a fan of the way Bret Bielema treats people. I've had a chance to watch him in so many different settings, on and off air, and he's always all in.

We did at least ten specials with him, spring and pre-season specials for five years. You can only talk football for so long in a 10 or 12-minute interview. The last two minutes of most of those conversations (even more time in spring specials) were usually devoted to the fun stuff. What player would you want babysitting your daughter? Which four Hogs would you put on your 4 x 100 relay team? Can you imagine me going there with Bobby Petrino? Coach B always played along. I never felt like he mailed it in.

Baz may have put it best when he said Bret Bielema may have been the biggest winner on Friday. Baz was referring to the class Coach showed in his farewell press conference.

I think the only consideration in firing Bret Bielema Friday should have been: What's best for Coach? He earned that.

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